Jose Antonio Alberich



José Alberich is a partner with A.T. Kearney focused on energy and process industries. He has over 30 years of experience working in chemicals, oil and gas, and utilities.

José started his career working in R&D and technology in O&G and chemicals in 1990, holding for the next ten years different management roles in a regional O&G and a global chemicals player. He played an active role in the liberalization of the energy markets in Europe and has also experience in optimizing operations and designing strategies for major O&G, chemicals and renewable energies companies with global reach. He has significant consulting expertise in downstream and midstream sectors, supporting manufacturers, end users and policy makers.

José served initially clients in Europe, North America and Latin America. Since 2007, he is dedicated to working with global and regional Middle East companies and government entities, including major fertilizers producers in the region.

José has significant experience in manufacturing and industrial maintenance, network design and supply chain, sourcing, trading and risk management. Over the last years, he has intensified his dedication to localization, M&As, partnerships and economic and industrial development in GCC countries.