Jack Walters

Sr. Analyst

NexantECA, Energy & Chemicals Advisory

Senior Analyst, NexantECA for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia

  • Market Insight: Author of Ammonia single client report including discussion on key market driver and constraints including regulatory, environmental, consumer and technology trends, and future uses as a carbon free energy carrier, marine fuel and current barriers to market. Global Supply, demand and trade forecast for nine regions including green and blue ammonia and Competitiveness analysis on blue and green Ammonia production in current market conditions versus traditional grey/brown Ammonia.
  • Market Analytics: Project Manager of NexantECA’s 2022 Ammonia and Urea market analytics program.
  • Green Chemical Market Study: Supply demand and trade forecast of chemicals that could be produced by leveraging low-cost green electricity in Africa including: green hydrogen, green ammonia, e-methanol, PVC and caustic. The market study looks at electricity consumption, and pricing for each of the shortlisted green products
  • Technical and Market Due Diligence: Various – work includes assessment of risks associated with technology, design, feedstock supplies, interfaces, project implementation, cost and schedule, contracts, financial model, Lenders Reliability Test, and market and marketing strategy risks.
    • Currently supporting the market due diligence of an ammonia and ammonium nitrate expansion project on behalf of ECAs in Africa. Including production of product price forecasts under several scenarios, analysis of supply/demand/net trade of Ammonia and Ammonium Nitrate in Africa and globally and review of marketing plan and competitiveness analysis.
    • Currently supporting the technical due diligence of a green hydrogen supply & liquefaction project in Norway on behalf of Lenders. Evaluation of multiple electrolyser technology options and technology licensor attributes
    • Currently supporting the technical due diligence of a ethane cracker project located in Northwest Europe on behalf of ECA
    • Currently supporting the technical due diligence of a large gas processing and LNG project on behalf of ECAs
    • Completed the technical due diligence of a West Africa focused Refinery Refurbishment project on behalf of Lenders

Flow Assurance & Process Engineer, Wood

  • Responsibilities at Wood included steady state and transient analysis of upstream systems on various flow assurance software to facilitate project feasibility, process design and safety system design
  • Development of P&ID & PFDs, facilitating HAZOP studies, managing process safety documents and producing operating & installation philosophies to facilitate handover
  • Design and implementation of control safeguards for operating assets including update and testing of OTS

Process & Operations Engineer, Solvay,

  • Provided support for the completion of the capital project process design, SIS design, control configuration and application for HSE/Environmental permits.
  • Provided process optimization, process troubleshooting and control support across a number of plants on an upper tier COMAH chemical site.