Welcome remarks

Abdulrahman Al-Suwaidi,  Managing director & CEO, QAFCO and Chairman, GPCA Agri-nutrients Committee

Keynote address: Strengthening the foundation of the global food security agenda in the wake of the pandemic

HE Dr. Nora Ourabah Haddad, FAO Representative, Sultanate of Oman

In conversation with the leaders: ‘Diving into the future of the agri-nutrients industry’

Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, President, GPIC

Esin Mete, Founder, MT Agri-Consulting

Capturing the full potential of Blue Ammonia: How will this impact the

agri-nutrient business?

  • Seizing growth opportunities through collaboration with international markets – What does this mean for the regional industry?
  • Zooming into the global agenda – Plans for future partnership to achieve its vision of zero carbon emissions

Richard Ewing, Global Ammonia Market Editor, ICIS

Outlining the pivotal role of Blue and Green ammonia in decarbonization

Munif Almunif, General Manager, Global AN Technology, SABIC


Global agri-nutrients landscape – Trends and challenges

  • Global demand supply and prices – current market and future outlook
  • Regulatory environment and impact on businesses

Rajiv Ram, Senior Analyst – Fertilizers, CRU

Global sulphur market trends

Meena Chauhan, Head of Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid Research, Argus Media

Panel discussion and Q&A

Day 2 Welcome remarks

Samir Al-Abdrabbuh, EVP, Agri-Nutrients, SABIC and Vice-Chairman, GPCA Agri-nutrients Committee

Keynote session: How will advanced farming techniques help strengthen the GCC’s self-sufficiency agenda

Patrick Heffer, Deputy Director General, International Fertilizer Association

Q&A session

Food security in the new global agriculture environment: How can the agri-nutrients industry support it?

Tom Scott, Global Director, Agribusiness Consulting, IHS Markit

Innovations to make the ammonia and fertilizer industry ready for the Future

Dr Malcolm Cook, Vice President & Head of Chemicals & Process

Technologies – Middle East & Turkey, Thyssenkrupp Industrial

Solutions AG

Controlled release fertilizers – The next smart technology

Robert Smulders, Vice President – Innovation, Stamicarbon

Digital technologies supporting the deployment of green ammonia

Bart de Groot, Sustainability Lead, Siemens Process Systems Engineering

Panel discussion and Q&A

Disruptive technologies related to Agri-business, impacting the fertilizer industry

Gaurav Sharma, Global Agrochemicals Research Lead, Accenture

David Seymour, Middle East Chemicals & Natural Resources Lead, Accenture

Role of data and technologies like AI and ML in agricultural greenhouses

Dr. Tareq Al-Ansari, Assistant Professor, CSE, Hamad Bin Khalifa University

NextGen farming: A viable solution to meet food demands

  • Marrying R&D with innovative technology to achieve food security
  • Combining agriculture and crop science with disruptive technologies like AI, ML etc

Fadi Sbaiti, General Manager, AeroFarms

Closing remarks

Dr. Abdulwahab Al Sadoun, Secretary General, GPCA

Panel discussion and Q&A