About the virtual 11th GPCA Agri-Nutrients Conference

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about several disruptions, including threatening food security and nutrition globally. Border closures, forced quarantines and lockdowns exposed supply chain and logistics vulnerabilities and was an eye opener for the nutrition ecosystem, prompting governments to re-evaluate their food security strategies. This has triggered a sense of realization across countries, including in the Arabian Gulf, who are heavily reliant on food imports. Seeing new opportunities, the GCC countries are embracing a multi-faceted approach across value chains. They are leveraging innovation and modern technology to make our food systems more robust, resilient and sustainable. Regional governments are focused on enhancing domestic production, utilizing technology, rethinking investment strategies and boosting research and development activities to prepare for the future, as well as investing in diversified supply sources.

The agri-nutrients industry plays a leading role in supporting this transition. There is a growing need for this critical industry to collaborate with governments and the value chain to improve agricultural productivity and provide nutritious and sufficient food for all. To avoid disruptions in agricultural production and to ensure food security, the GCC agri-nutrients industry will have to embrace new avenues of growth, including boosting international cooperation, exploring new markets, strengthening domestic supply chains, reducing their environmental footprint and deploying advanced technology to maintain a competitive edge. Exploring new opportunities today will help build resiliency and sustainability, while preparing for potential future crises.

Now in its 11th edition, the GPCA Agri-Nutrients Conference will take place virtually from 15-16 September 2021. Held under the theme ‘Forging new avenues for a food secure future’ the dialogues at the conference will present a host of opportunities for the agri-nutrients industry to contribute positively to the food security agenda, share progressive technologies transforming the agricultural food chain, shed light on the breakthroughs and innovations in the agri-nutrients sector and discuss the trends shaping the overall industry.

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Event overview


The GPCA Agri-nutrients Conference has established itself as the premier gathering that convenes regional industry leaders from the agri-nutrients sector, including producers, blenders, distributors, farmers, technology players and government officials to exchange information, explore and deliberate key concerns related to food security alongside developing long-term strategies for the agri-nutrients industry. Now in its 11th edition, the 2021 cycle of the event will be held under the theme, ‘Forging new avenues for a food secure future’. The event will focus on how the agri-nutrients industry can support the food security agenda, progressive technologies transforming the agri food chain and delve deeper into the innovations and trends transforming the industry.


The digital networking functionality at the Virtual Agri-nutrients Conference will allow attendees to network with peers and industry professionals – all at the click of a button.
Attendees can join discussion tables, attend meeting with meeting room partners (by invitation) and conduct face-to-face meetings online. Delegates can also schedule meetings for later dates, or send text communications via the portal.

Why attend?


Build connections with leading stakeholders from the agri-nutrients industry: Renew and develop new business relationships at the most influential regional event for the agri-nutrients industry


The knowledge powerhouse for the agri-nutrients industry: Stay abreast about the latest disruptive technologies transforming the agri-nutrients industry


Explore new markets and broaden your reach: Deep dive into the market scenarios of major export and producing regions to drive new ventures and market dominance


Address your concerns and challenges: Engage in high level discussions through dedicated Q&A sessions focusing on strategic subjects, which will shape the future of the agri-nutrients industry

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